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May I receive my empty crates first?

We understand that people have planes to catch, and are sometimes in a rush, but if you want your empty crates back sooner, it depends on your timing. If you ask before the empties are moved into storage, then yes you may. but if you ask ten minutes before the show closes, no.

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Do the union regulations pertain to me?

Yes. even if you're a non-profit organization, or your family member is a union worker. Please, carefully read the Union Regulations page in your exhibitor kit, they vary between cities.

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May I park in the loading dock?

For your and your vehicles safety, please do not park in the loading dock at any time.

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May I borrow a forklift, pushcart, tools, ladder?

For your safety, we can't lend out any of our equipment.

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May I leave my things here a couple extra days?

We need to be out of the venue as scheduled, you may not leave your things here.

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How is security?

Some shows provide very minimal security, please do not leave any small valuable items out unattended. EPI will not be liable for any stolen property.

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